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BMI View: In light of the approval of the Panama Canal expansion, we affirm our long-term bullish view of the Panamanian economy, and are nudging up our real GDP forecasts out to... 2006-10-25


BMI View:The Panama Canal expansion project was approved by an overwhelming majority of the Panamanian people in a referendum on October 22. We think that on balance, the proposal... 2006-10-24

Costa Rica

The Banco Central de Costa Rica (BCCR) on October 17 implemented a new exchange rate regime, which replaces the crawling peg depreciation mechanism that had existed for the previous... 2006-10-20


Panama's global economic activity index (IMAE) suggests that the economy started to cool off at the beginning of H206. The IMAE increased by just 4.82% y-o-y in July, compared to... 2006-10-11

Costa Rica

Costa Rica's trade deficit is still on course to come in around our year-end forecast. Two-thirds of the way through the year (January-to-August), the balance was US$2.11bn in shortfall,... 2006-10-11

Costa Rica

Improvements in the Costa Rican fiscal profile have prompted Fitch to revise its credit ratings outlook from negative to stable on the country's BB foreign currency rating. In conjunction... 2006-10-11


BMI View: The Nicaraguan currency, the cordoba, fell by 2.7% in September to NIO17.68/US$. The cordoba is managed by the Banco Central de Nicaragua , and this was the second large... 2006-10-11


BMI View: Inflation in Guatemala in September came in at 5.70%, the lowest since September 2003, 1.74% m-o-m drop in the transport category (a reflection of falling global energy... 2006-10-10

El Salvador

Economic growth remained stable in Q206, as real GDP expanded by 3.2% y-o-y (up from 3.1% y-o-y in Q205). Although the economy grew by 3.1% y-o-y during H106 and therefore topped... 2006-10-10


BMI View: The trade deficit this year is in line to come in close to our US$3.40bn forecast. The cumulative deficit in the January to July period was US$1.77bn, as the growth of... 2006-10-10

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