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BMI View: Our view that Guyana's minority government will struggle with policymaking continues to play out. The current budget stalemate highlights that disagreements between the... 2012-05-08

Puerto Rico

BMI View: Puerto Rico's general elections are scheduled for November 2012, and as things stand, we believe Alejandro García Padilla from the opposition has a slight advantage to... 2012-04-27

Trinidad & Tobago

BMI View: Rising tensions within Trinidad & Tobago's ruling People's Partnership coalition will prevent the government from addressing the country's most pressing structural issues... 2012-04-26

Dominican Republic

BMI View: The Dominican Republic's tourism and mining sectors will support strong economic growth rates over the coming years. Despite this positive outlook, the country still suffers... 2012-04-25


BMI View: Sizeable victories in Jamaica's national and local elections have returned the People's National Party (PNP) to power with a strong mandate to tackle the country's weak growth... 2012-04-20


BMI View: The re-election of Belizean Prime Minister Dean Barrow, who said that restructuring the country's outstanding US$547mn bond would be a priority of his second term in office,... 2012-03-15


BMI View: Recent economic reforms in Cuba are a result of economic necessity rather than an ideological shift towards liberal democracy. We therefore believe that over the next decade... 2012-02-21


BMI View: Barbados President Freundel Stuart will walk a rough path in 2012, as his administration is caught between the need to shrink the country's fiscal deficit and the risk... 2012-02-07

Puerto Rico

Despite Puerto Rico Governor Luis Fortuño's recent approval of a two-part referendum to decide the island's political status, we do not expect the issue to be resolved in the near... 2012-02-06


BMI View: We now believe that strong investment will see Suriname's average real GDP growth rate exceed the 5% mark over the next few years, aided by the government's focus on structural... 2012-01-29

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