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Costa Rica

Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla appointed Carlos Roverssi as the country's new communications minister in mid-June. The position was vacant following the resignation of former... 2013-07-01


Panama's opposition Partido Revolucionario Democrático held primaries on June 2 to determine its candidate for the mayor of Panama City - the second most important race in... 2013-06-28


Xiomara Castro, third party presidential candidate and wife of deposed former president Manuel Zelaya, has recently begun to outline her campaign strategy ahead of the November presidential... 2013-06-28



The trial of Efraín Ríos Montt, Guatemala's president from 1982 to 1983, will re-start in April 2014. A three-judge tribunal had convicted Ríos Montt... 2013-06-28

El Salvador

A recent poll showed the Farabundo Martí para la Liberación Nacional (FMLN) candidate, Salvador Sánchez Cerén, in the lead ahead of El Salvador's... 2013-06-28


We believe that Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega may struggle to maintain his high level of popular support over the long term. In recent years, the leader's approval rating has jumped... 2013-06-03


Honduras' two rival gangs, the Barrio 18 and Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), have recently announced a truce. A similar agreement in El Salvador saw a sharp reduction in the homicide rate,... 2013-06-03

El Salvador

Salvadoran president, Mauricio Funes, has recently been forced to replace his Minister of Security & Justice as well as the Head of Migration. This came in the wake of a May... 2013-06-03

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