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Ecuador's government has been embroiled in recent weeks by questions over the source of media leaks of email conversations between high-ranking officials. The emails, which included... 2013-07-25


On July 3, the governments of Brazil and Mexico issued statements in support of Bolivian President Evo Morales, whose flight on July 2 from Moscow was diverted to Vienna after France,... 2013-07-25


The congressional appointment of one constitutional court judge and the country's ombudsman, as part of a larger set of appointments including five judges and three central bank board... 2013-07-25



Venezuela's Information Ministry stated that a delegation of the Chinese Development Bank will visit Caracas in August to discuss a loan to the joint China-Venezuela development fund.... 2013-07-25


Colombia's main left-wing insurgent group, the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (Farc), carried out two attacks in late July, which left 19 soldiers dead. Ongoing violence... 2013-07-25


In mid-May, President Juan Manuel Santos alluded that he will be running for re-election during the 2014 elections. We believe that Santos's electoral hopes will be tied to the evolution... 2013-05-31


POLITICAL RISK - Correa Announces Third Term To Be Last President Rafael Correa, sworn in for a third term on May 27, announced the same day that it would be his last term as Ecuador's... 2013-05-30


POLITICAL RISK - Congress Finalises Morales' Eligibility For Third Term Bolivia's congress gave the final approval in May for President Evo Morales to run for a third term in elections... 2013-05-30

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