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Key stories from this month's issue...

Economic Analysis - Construction Delays Deteriorating Economic Outlook - OCT 2015

Andean September 2015 / Peru / Economy

The Peruvian economy will continue to gradually recover in the coming quarters, following a four-year deceleration in real GDP growth that ended in 2014. However, a weaker mining sector and a rapidly deteriorating construction sector will keep economic growth structurally low in the coming years.


Industry Trend Analysis - Fuels Consumption Growth To Remain Weak - OCT 2015

Brazil September 2015 / Brazil / Industry

Demand for refined fuels in Brazil will increase modestly over the next decade as systemic challenges within the country weigh on domestic growth. Though Brazilian policy makers are making efforts to boost economic activity, advancement will be hindered by deep political divisions and continued fallout from the national corruption scandal.


Political Risk Analysis - Austerity Increasing Likelihood Of Opposition Victory In 2016 - OCT 2015

Caribbean September 2015 / Puerto Rico / Political Risk

The government of Puerto Rico will continue to pursue austerity measures in light of the island's precarious debt position. This will contribute to lower support for the ruling party and increase the likelihood of a victory by the opposition in the November 2016 general election.


Economic Analysis - Deficit Will Widen On Social Spending - OCT 2015

Central America September 2015 / Nicaragua / Economy

Nicaragua's budget deficit will be significantly wider over the coming five years as fiscal transfers from the Venezuelan government decline. Moreover, the administration of President Daniel Ortega will boost social spending in an attempt to bolster support and temper public unrest.


Industry Trend Analysis - Round Zero Results Strengthen Positive Geothermal Outlook - OCT 2015

Mexico September 2015 / Mexico / Industry

With the development of the bulk of Mexico's geothermal resources left to independent power producers (IPPs), the country's Round Zero for geothermal power sites has boosted our view that the private sector will increase its role in the Mexican electricity market. IPPs will also benefit from cooperation with the CFE in the development of its new concessions.


Economic Analysis - Fiscal Shortfall Wide, But Narrowing - OCT 2015

Southern Cone September 2015 / Uruguay / Economy

Economic headwinds and political pressures to sustain spending will see Uruguay's fiscal deficit remain wide by historical standards in 2015 and 2016. Nevertheless, stronger growth and a government committed to fiscal sustainability will see the shortfall gradually narrow in the coming years.