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Key stories from this month's issue...

Economic Analysis - Non-Oil Tax Gains Will Help Offset External Headwinds - SEPT 2015

Andean July 2015 / Ecuador / Economy

Ecuador's ability to generate fiscal revenues will be hampered by low oil prices, and we forecast that the budget deficit in 2015 will be the widest in decades. Nevertheless, improving non-oil revenue generation will help the government improve its fiscal account in the coming years


Industry Forecast - Brazil - Q4 2015 - SEPT 2015

Brazil July 2015 / Brazil / Industry

Brazil's tourist market is one of the fastest expanding in the region, with huge potential. The country benefits from a variety of tourist attractions, such as the Igua?u waterfalls, the Pantanal wetlands and the Amazon rainforest. In addition, its stunning beaches attract visitors from across the world, while the nightlife in the cities of Rio de Janeiro, S?o Paulo, Salvador and Bel?m is a major draw for domestic and international tourists.


Political Risk Analysis - Strikes Will Not Derail Austerity Agenda - SEPT 2015

Caribbean July 2015 / Barbados / Economy

The government of Barbados will maintain its austerity agenda even in the face of a large strike by the National Union of Public Workers. This will lead to a shrinking of the deficit and falling levels of debt as public sector expenditures remain stagnant in the coming years.


Macroeconomic Forecasts - Nicaragua - SEPT 2015

Central America July 2015 / Nicaragua / Economy

Macroeconomic Forecasts.


Economic Analysis - Fiscal Consolidation Will Begin In 2016 - SEPT 2015

Mexico July 2015 / Mexico / Economy

A decline in oil-related tax revenue will encourage more prudent fiscal policies in Mexico, which combined with a low debt burden will keep creditworthiness high in the coming years. The government budget deficit, which has widened significantly since 2009, will begin to narrow in 2016.


Economic Analysis - Export Growth Will Slow Through 2016 - SEPT 2015

Southern Cone July 2015 / Paraguay / Economy

Paraguayan export growth will face significant headwinds in 2015 and 2016 as its major trade partners, Argentina, Brazil and Russia, demand substantially less imports. Sluggish exports will lead to tepid headline growth in the coming years.