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Economic Analysis - Growth To Remain Subdued As Economy Struggles To Rebalance - MAR 2016

Andean February 2016 / Colombia / Economy

Colombian real GDP growth will remain relatively subdued in the years ahead, as a low oil price environment weighs on fixed investment. Real private consumption growth will also ease as the unemployment rate rises and persistent exchange rate weakness and high inflation erode consumers' purchasing power.


Industry Trend Analysis - Rush To Complete Olympics Will Blow Budget - MAR 2016

Brazil February 2016 / Brazil / Industry

We are maintaining our view that Brazil will successfully complete preparations to host the 2016 Olympics in Rio but that cost overruns will be all but inevitable as last minute projects are rushed to be completed. In an effort to limit overspend; non-essential projects will be scrapped, threatening the legacy of the games.


Macroeconomic Forecasts - Puerto Rico - MAR 2016

Caribbean February 2016 / Puerto Rico / Economy

Macroeconomic forecasts


Economic Analysis - Key Risks For 2016 - MAR 2016

Central America February 2016 / Latin America / Economy

Latin American countries face significant economic and political risks in 2016, which could substantially derail planned economic reforms and increase pressure on the region's already ailing economies, including Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil. In this article, we assess the five of the most serious risks to the region in 2016, which do not form part of our core views, examining both the catalysts for and outcome of each scenario.


Industry Trend Analysis - PE Funds Set To Raise Stakes In Energy Infrastructure - MAR 2016

Mexico February 2016 / Mexico / Industry

PE funds will continue to set their sights on Mexican infrastructure, especially energy infrastructure asset sales via the new investment vehicle - FIBRA E. With major international players establishing themselves in the market, government incentives in place, and a large number of assets set for divestment, the Mexican energy and infrastructure sector will benefit from a large injection of private capital in 2016.


Economic Analysis - Deficit Set To Narrow On Subsidy Reduction - MAR 2016

Southern Cone February 2016 / Argentina / Economy

Argentina's fiscal deficit is set to modestly narrow in 2016 on the back of tempered expenditure growth compared to 2016. Even still, revenue growth will only keep pace with inflation, as the government's tax take is weighed on by a recession.