Comprehensive country-by-country macroeconomic analysis, risk appraisals, latest market data and forecasts for Latin America

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Key stories from this month's issue...

Macroeconomic Forecasts - Venezuela - FEB 2015

Andean January 2015 / Venezuela / Economy

Macro Table


Risk Summary - Rousseff Remaining Above Corruption Scandal - FEB 2015

Brazil January 2015 / Brazil / Political Risk

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff's approval ratings are likely to remain relatively consistent in the coming months unless there is substantial evidence of wrongdoing on her part or that of her close associates with regard to an unfolding corruption scandal at state-owned oil company Petrobras.


Economic Analysis - Pace Of Fiscal Consolidation To Slow After 2015 - FEB 2015

Caribbean January 2015 / Barbados / Economy

Barbados' budget deficit will narrow further in the coming years, although a reliance on politically difficult budget cuts will result in a slower pace of fiscal consolidation after 2015. Improving fiscal dynamics will also forestall additional credit rating downgrades, which will allow for cheaper refinancing of the existing debt stock.


Risk Summary - Panama - FEB 2015

Central America January 2015 / Panama / Economy

Panama's Short-Term Political Risk Index score of 71.0 reflects a high level of security stability and policy continuity. While new President Juan Carlos Varela has introduced small changes to Panama's previous pogrammes, on the whole he has not deviated from Panama's long-term policies. Further, while a modest uptick in narcotrafficking activity may pose problems in the future, it has not yet become a major issue in Panama. On the other hand, a weak coalition government keeps the policy-making flexibility difficult, which may prove problematic through the upcoming year.


Macroeconomic Forecasts - Macro Table - FEB 2015

Mexico January 2015 / Mexico / Economy

Macro Table


Economic Analysis - Settlement With Holdouts To Occur In 2015 - FEB 2015

Southern Cone January 2015 / Argentina / Economy

A negotiated settlement between the Argentine government and holdout bond investors will occur ahead of the October 2015 general election, allowing the country to exit technical default. With the government's position increasingly unpopular and economic activity decelerating, the administration of Argentine President Cristina Fern?ndez de Kirchner will negotiate a settlement in order to reorient policymaking in a more investor-friendly direction.