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Macroeconomic Forecasts - Ecuador - AUG 2015

Andean July 2015 / Ecuador / Economy

Macroeconomic Forecasts


Political Risk Analysis - Myriad Challenges Ahead For Rousseff - AUG 2015

Brazil July 2015 / Brazil / Economy

An uncooperative legislature, combined with the fallout from an ongoing corruption scandal at Brazil's state-owned oil company, will pose persistent headwinds for President Dilma Rousseff in the coming months. These factors will hinder policy formation and ensure that social instability persists, weighing on business confidence and economic growth.


Economic Analysis - Declining Rollover Risk Will Boost Investor Confidence - AUG 2015

Caribbean July 2015 / Barbados / Economy

Barbados' ongoing austerity programme will prompt a reduction in interest rates in the coming quarters, leading to a fall in debt servicing obligations. This will enable the country to turn to long-term borrowing as it looks reduce rollover risk following a significant run-up in short-term debt.


Political Risk Analysis - Nicaragua Canal Will Fan Social Unrest - AUG 2015

Central America July 2015 / Nicaragua / Economy

We remain unconvinced that the planned Nicaragua canal will be completed given the opaque nature of the project's financing structure. That said, with initial work on the project still likely to go forward, rising local concerns over the canal's environmental impact and the potential for the project to result in large-scale land expropriations will likely increase social unrest.


Industry Trend Analysis - Shallow Water Prospects Support Upbeat Production Outlook - AUG 2015

Mexico July 2015 / Mexico / Industry

The Mexican government's amendments to contractual terms will encourage international investment into the country's emerging oil and gas sector. Mexico's shallow water offerings remain highly prospective, supporting our positive production growth outlook.


Political Risk Analysis - Intraparty Friction Will Threaten Investment - AUG 2015

Southern Cone July 2015 / Paraguay / Political Risk

The G15 group of dissident Partido Colorado senators will temper President Horatio Cartes' ambitious reform agenda by watering down the proposed expansion of Paraguay's public-private partnerships with foreign businesses. A more challenging political landscape will threaten investment into the country though the remainder of Cartes' term.